Where It All Began

At only 12 years, residing in her birthplace Nigeria, Irene had an encounter with God and received a mandate to deliver His message, carry out His will, share His love – and inspire the hearts of others to do the same.

With her impressive background and studies in medicine leading to a hard-earned Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Irene has served as an inspiration to many through her perseverance, her accomplishments and her unwavering commitment to help anyone in need.

Irene is passionate about worship and her heart is to see people transformed by encountering the love of God. ‘Our lives are forever changed as we dwell in His Presence’ explains Irene.

Discover Her Music And Her Inspirations

Irene has served as a Worship Leader at several Churches in Nigeria, Germany and England).

These amazing life experiences, combined with her ability to relate the Father heart of God, all led Irene back to her love of music and her extraordinary talent to communicate the word of God through song.

Her soothing songs provide relief, healing, deliverance and restoration, which she terms as Heaven invading Earth; a bright and beautiful passageway to God and His Heart. After spending her lifetime being inspired by Him, it’s Irene’s turn to inspire others through her empowering, atmospheric music, bearing the message of God.