Story Behind Let it Rain

There was a stirring in my spirit …

It felt like God was pouring His heart out to me.

He tells me of how He loves His people.

He brings to me mind the state of the world and why we need to pray.

He brings to my mind why we must intercede for all.

This is where ‘Let it Rain’ was conceived. I wrote this song, in response to what God was stirring up in my spirit.

This was way back in 2014.

From a world viewpoint, 2014 was a catastrophic year. Wars and rumours of war flooded the TV screens, Radio stations and the digital media….  ISIS on the rise… Planes disappeared (Who knows where?)… Ebola strikes West Africa like the angel of death… The beheading of Christians and journalists … Nepal is hit by an earthquake…The list goes on and on…

It felt like what we read in the Scriptures about the last days was unravelling before our eyes….

As I prayed about the state of the world, questions were going back and forth like rushing waves.

Why is this happening? Why is that happening? And the response I got?

Well, you’ll have to keep on reading.

“We are like sheep without a Shepherd, lukewarm – in a state of complacency and comfortable… as we watch the world in turmoil.

Not knowing who we are and whose we are.

Whilst extremists use their passion and power for destruction, we may say a prayer or two for those who are hurting, for what’s going on in our lives, and the lives of our loved ones…

He goes on to say …

I have given MY people, those who are called by My Name. POWER, AUTHORITY, HEALING in their hands. HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and JOY to give to the world.

What have you done with it? What have you done with what I have given you?

Have you sat on your gifting? Have you interceded?  Have you knocked on heavens door?”

Let it Rain is a song of intercession, beseeching God for the outpouring of His healing rain on us, our nation, our world. Let it rain is a heart’s cry. A heart’s cry for the People, for the Nations, the Church, our Individual and Corporate lives.

It’s a song that fuels you with hope, and the assurance of the restorative power of our Saviour.

With the rain comes a change. Watering is the necessary step before increase. It is the transition point between what’s concealed and what is revealed.


Can you hear the sound of the abundance of rain? The rain will bring Healing, Restoration, Revival, Peace and Love.

P.S It’s not someone else’s responsibility, but it’s yours too, you have a role to play, you matter, your prayers matter, Your intercession matters.

So Let us pray.


What areas in your life do you need the healing rain of God? As you listen to this song, pour out your heart to Him, Intercede for yourself, your loved ones, your family, your life situations and the world.

So, please go ahead.

He’s listening …